Old Druids, and New

A Druid Way

Too often we can still hear and read speakers and writers who proclaim, “We don’t know anything about the ancient Druids, so how can you call yourself Druids today?” Apart from the fact that wearying ourselves with approving and disapproving of whatever it is our neighbors are doing is usually a colossal waste of time, we actually DO know quite a lot about the Druids, from a variety of sources that have existed in many cases for hundreds if not thousands of years. From classical authors to modern archaeologists, our knowledge will always be incomplete, and it will also continue to grow.

The following TED-Ed video is a quick (4 minutes) and fun way to gain an overview of these sources.

[You can read a transcript here: https://www.ted.com/talks/philip_freeman_a_day_in_the_life_of_an_ancient_celtic_druid/transcript?language=en%5D

Virtually every statement in the video has a source in classical authors. Of course modern Druids don’t feel bound by what…

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